National Mechanical Engineering Services is a leading supplier for worldwide industrial maintenance services.
From daily maintenance to intervention based specialized operations, from onsite maintenance to workshop based repair works, from powerplants to offshore rigs, NMES is 24/7 at your service!

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All types of valves, pumps can be overhauled, repaired, tested and/or calibrated to the applicable standards in our workshop, where we have a full machine park, lapping facilities, automatic shot blasting installations, and welding capabilities. We also offer general mechanical maintenance, lathing, drilling, milling, and small steel construction works along with workshop based spark erosion works.

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We offer our clientele the widest range of on-site services. With a worldwide client portfolio, and projects in the Marine-, Oil/gas-, Power- and Mining Sectors, it is safe to say the NMES group is one of the world market leaders in one site maintenance, and can be your one-stop shop for turnkey solutions to your entire outage.

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NMES offers job specific specialized intervention techniques for any industry. From specialized metal disintegration services (bolt removal), on-site machining solutions (lathing, milling, drilling, tapping, and grinding up to 9 meters length and diameter), cold crack repairing (Lock ‘N Stitch), on-line leak sealing (petroseal), on-line safety valve testing (Preventest) and many more, we guarantee to reduce your plant’s downtime to the minimum, meaning more uptime, and hence more profit for our clients.

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